Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to The Spirit of Pistoulet!

Far away in the remote French countryside, there is a magical farmhouse known as Pistoulet, where there is most certainly a happiness that feeds the spirit. It has been said that all who spend time at Pistoulet leave with their hearts and minds transformed.

It was here that Mademoiselle J. (Jana Kolpen) went for a period of repose one magical summer and came away with a renewed sense of life. At Pistoulet she learned many recipes to help cure the wounded heart, give strength to the weary, and bring out the best in even the shyest guest.

Visiting Pistoulet highlights the beauty of life and the joy and true essence of living. Initially, we thought that this could only be found at this magical farmhouse. But we have since learned that The Spirit of Pistoulet is not about a time or place. It lives in your heart, it lives in your home. It can be found in everything you love and hold dear.

The Spirit of Pistoulet is something we can celebrate and share, no matter where we are.

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